Compass & Flint

Escape Room

Date: September 2019
Location: Mumbai, India
Collaborator: Jack Morton

In 2019 Netflix launched Bard of Blood – the first Spy Thriller series in the Indian market and a huge opportunity for Netflix to raise the bar for the action genre in India.

The communication objectives of the activation were:

– To build awareness around Bard of Blood only on Netflix.
– To create title demand for Bard of Blood to encourage sign-ups to Netflix. 
– To create conversation around Bard of Blood through the activation.

To generate excitement and interest, we produced a representation of a military camp in Balochistan (the location of Bard of Blood) and positioned attendees as having crashed in the desert and were now prisoned in the camp. They had to overcome a series of obstacles in order to escape and rescue the cast.

The camp was fabricated using bespoke shipping containers (loaded in during Monsoon season!) and comprised of a crashed helicopter, 2 tonnes of sand, a lie detector test, laser tag, escape room and a laser maze. My role as Executive Producer was to manage the entire process from creative development to onsite fabrication, supplier liaison and budget management. This truly was a hugely challenging and rewarding project hampered by monsoon season in Mumbai!

Over 5 live days we were visited by the cast of the show and over 2000 attendees.