Compass & Flint

About Me

Hi I’m Vicky! In title an Experiential Producer but in person, an independent thinker, self-starter, resourceful adventurer with great attention to detail and a curious mind.

Born a Brit, I started my career in Brand Consultancy before moving into Experiential Marketing and have spent the last 20 years working in Europe, Asia Pacific and the US.

My experience ranges from large scale public events (Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, London 2012 Summer Olympics, Sydney New Year’s Eve celebrations, San Francisco Pride) to corporate events for business, consumer and internal audiences for clients such as Google, HP, Microsoft, Netflix, Sony and Volkswagen.

One-part strategy, one-part agility and two parts tenacity, I bring a fresh perspective to client challenges.

Oh, and for those curious, Compass & Flint was my choice for a company name due to those two items being all you need to survive on an adventure.


Case Studies

Please find below a selection of B2B, B2C and public events I have had the pleasure of producing. 

Note: whilst I have worked on all of these events in different capacities, I should point out that the world of live events is very much a team dynamic and I absolutely cannot take credit for the entire experience. Whilst the Producer steers the ship, these experiences have been brought to life with great partnerships with Account Directors, Art Directors, Audio Engineers, Choreographers, Copywriters, Costume Designers, Creative Directors, Graphic Designers, Lighting Designers, Production Assistants, Photographers, Set Builders, Stage Managers, Strategists, Technical Directors and many more experts in their field!