Compass & Flint

Fashion Week

Date: January 2023
Location: San Diego, California
Collaborator: Cogs & Marvel

To debut their Spring 2023 collection, boutique fashion brand cabi turned to us to reinvent their in-person tentpole event with a bang. With thousands of stylists gathered for a fashion show, workshops, and lots of parties, we designed, directed, and produced an event bursting with anticipation and excitement.

We went all-in on the show’s theme, Let’s Play! With custom lighting design, neon signage, animation, and an original anthem mashup, cabi Fashion Week kicked off with a bang, seamlessly weaving between on-stage and on-screen content. Each piece required laser-precise coordination, with hundreds of music, choreography, lighting, and content cues all playing off each other to create an unforgettable impression.

After a long day of workshops and styling, the only thing left to do was to get down. The Pantone Party was our homage to all things design and chic, with a scarf display wall designed in a thunderstorm motif, custom illuminated seating that doubled as sculptural centrepieces, and so many other bespoke moments of design. We also took care of all the food and drink logistics to keep the festivities fuelled.

From stage architecture to lighting design, original audio to bespoke animation, we created, managed, and successfully executed the thousands of moving pieces involved in capturing the spirit of cabi’s Let’s Play season, bringing it roaring to life for thousands of stylists.