Compass & Flint

Festival Activation

Date: July 2019
Location: Genting Highlands, Malaysia
Collaborator: Jack Morton

To launch Stranger Things 3 and build on the excitement of the previous two seasons, Netflix developed a presence at Good Vibes Festival in Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

To draw attention from all areas of the festival, we designed and built a bespoke attraction showcasing key elements from each season of Stranger Things.

Season 1 reminders included the flying Hawkins Van and the Byers Living Room. Season 2 had the characters escaping the mind flayer and playing retro games in the Arcade. Season 3 included the Merch Store and view of the Hawkins Fair. All elements were fully interactive with swag available to win and many photo opportunities.

My role as Executive Producer was to manage the team of Technical Director, Producers, Set Builders and Talent and keep all elements true to the Netflix and Stranger Things brands. Weather was a challenge along with a muddy site with difficult access but the attraction with a huge hit especially the animatronic monster on the roof with lasers and a compelling light show.

The attraction was hugely busy throughout the 2 days despite stellar acts being on the main stage just a few hundred feet away.